Technic Solution Resource emerged from the vision of a group of industry experts and entrepreneurs who recognized a critical need for a centralized, global hub for industrial spare parts procurement. Founded in the early 2015 the company was established with the primary goal of addressing the challenges faced by businesses in sourcing quality spare parts across various industries.
Early Years
Initially, Technic Solution Resource began as a small-scale operation, catering to local industries by leveraging strategic partnerships with regional suppliers. The emphasis during this phase was on building a robust network of suppliers, understanding market demands, and ensuring quality assurance in their offerings.
Expansion And Global Reach:
Driven by the success and increasing demand for their services, Technic Solution Resource expanded its reach. They leveraged digital platforms and technology to connect with suppliers worldwide, transforming into a global industrial supply destination for spare parts. This expansion facilitated easier access to a wide array of authentic spare parts for industries operating on a global scale.